See for Yourself

Ever wonder where your soybeans go?

The Nebraska Soybean Board (NSB) invites Nebraska soybean farmers to participate in the checkoff’s See for Yourself program.


The See For Yourself program was designed to give Nebraska soybean farmers a unique, hands-on opportunity to learn about their customers beyond the elevator and the soybean checkoff’s role in marketing Nebraska and U.S. soy to those customers. Farmers selected to take part in the program will attend checkoff-sponsored activities to gain a better understanding of how their checkoff dollars are being invested to build demand domestically and internationally.


See For Yourself 2023

The Nebraska Soybean Board is currently planning visits in the Pacific Northwest as part of this year’s tour, which will take place February 27-March 2. Program highlights include:


  • Observe a variety of ways soy is transported to end customers—from water to rail
  • Walk through a poultry harvesting facility and learn the importance of soy to their business
  • Explore a soybean processing plant and oil refinery
  • Learn about the manufacturing of on-farm equipment used to facilitate soybean output


The Nebraska Soybean Board is committed to increasing the profitability of your soybeans and wants to give you the opportunity to gain a better understanding of your commodity’s supply chain and checkoff activities. To get involved or learn more about the program, please contact the Nebraska Soybean Board office at 402-441-3240.