Our Work

Animal Agriculture

Animal agriculture consumes 97 percent of soybean meal, making it U.S. Soy’s best customer. Soy meal provides an excellent source of protein and amino acids for chickens, turkeys, hogs, cattle, farm-raised fish and other animals.


Biodiesel is a clean-burning fuel that can be made from U.S. soy oil or other renewable resources. It offers fuel economy, horsepower and torque similar to petroleum diesel, but with fewer harmful effects on diesel engines, the environment and human health.

International Marketing

Nebraska is not only a local producer, but a world provider, which means the international marketplace plays an important role in the state’s agricultural marketing efforts. Currently more than 50 percent of Nebraska’s soybean crop is exported to other countries.

New Uses

When there’s work to be done, Nebraska soybeans are on the job in many of your everyday products. In fact, Nebraska soybeans are hard at work in Goodyear ® tires, Ford ® cars and trucks, Skechers ® shoes, asphalt, fuels, lubricants, name-brand paints and stains and more.


For Nebraska soybean farmers, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword — it’s a way of life. Ninety-seven percent of farms are family-owned, and 95% are participating in conservation programs and using sustainable practices.


Soybeans are a powerhouse performer on your plate and for our planet. We can grow, innovate and choose products for a better world. For better health. To nourish people and the planet.


Soybeans have been nicknamed the “miracle crop” due to their many uses. They are a part of many animals’ diets, but did you know they have great health benefits for humans too?