Weekly Radio Report

Jason Penke, farmer and Nebraska Soybean Board district director from Craig shares some takeaways from a recent trade mission to Egypt. Penke joined the Soy Excellence Center (SEC) Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Regional Advisory Council (RAC) for the QSSB trade mission.

John Hinners, senior vice president of industry relations for the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) reviews a recent trade mission to Japan and South Korea. The USMEF Heartland Team visited a beef processing plant, various retail sites and the headquarters of a leading hamburger chain.

Mac Marshall, vice president of market intelligence for the United Soybean Board talks about a study showing the impact the soy industry has on the U.S. economy. The total economic impact on the U.S. economy from the soybean sector averaged $124 billion, including $85.7 billion from soy production and $9.8 billion from soybean processing.

Dylan Mangel, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln plant pathologist has an update on conditions and some things to watch for in your soybean fields.

Wesley Wach, demand and utilization coordinator for the Nebraska Soybean Board reviews last week's Soy Connext event last week in New York City. The event catalyzed connections between international customers of U.S. Soy from the animal protein, aquaculture, animal nutrition, edible oil, soy foods, and commodity trading sectors, with U.S. Soy farmers and industry.

Greg Anderson, farmer and Nebraska Soybean Board (NSB) district director from Newman Grove talks about a new partnership NSB has with Husker Athletics on athletic transportation buses utilizing biodiesel.

Mike Tomes, farmer and Nebraska Soybean Board member from Utica reviews the recent North Central Soybean Research Program meeting held in Pennsylvania.

Thomas Clemente, an agricultural biotechnologist with UNL, talks about this week's Soy 2023 International Conference of Biennial Cellular & Molecular Biology of the soybean being held in Lincoln.

Andy Chvatal, executive director of the Nebraska Soybean Board invites soybean producers to the annual Soybean Management Field Days taking place August 8-11.

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