Uses for Soybeans



Soybeans are a common ingredient in livestock feed as they provide a source of protein for the animals.

Global animal agriculture is your No. 1 customer. Producers rely on your high-quality feed to nourish animals like chickens, pigs, turkeys, cattle and fish that thrive on nutrient-dense soybean meal.

Food + Fuel

Soybeans are used in both food and fuel.

As global demand for food and fuel increases, U.S. soy is helping to answer the call. Soybean meal, for example, feeds the livestock that we eat, and soy foods are a major source of protein for people around the world.

Non Food Uses

Soybeans are used versatile crop used in many industrial products.

As a renewable, reliable resource, demand for your soybeans goes far beyond food and feed. Soybean oil and meal can replace petroleum and other volatile ingredients in many industrial and consumer products.