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Agricultural Budget Calculator

Enterprise budget and decision making tool

The free Agricultural Budget Calculator (ABC) program is designed to assist agricultural producers in determining their cost of production and projected cash and economic returns for their various farm or ranch enterprises. The tool was developed by the Center for Agricultural Profitability in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Department of Agricultural Economics and funded in part by the Nebraska Soybean Board.


Learn about soybean specific information

Your source for crop production information. The University of Nebraska – Lincoln Extension’s CropWatch publishes information on crop production and pest management. Articles are written by Extension Educators and Specialists and produced by IANR Media in the UNL Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

High Oleic

Learn more about growing High Oleic Soybeans

High oleic soybeans are varieties developed with farmers and their customers in mind. For farmers, high oleic soybeans are the varieties that earn a premium without the usual premium hassles. For their customers, high oleic soybeans produce a heart-healthy oil for food customers and a highly functional oil for industrial manufacturers. Added together, they give farmers an untapped market potential beyond commodity soybeans.

Soybean & Corn Pocket Field Guide

Check out the online field guide

The Nebraska Soybean and Corn Pocket Field Guide provides information and photos to help farmers identify problems they may encounter during the growing season. The 388-page pocket-sized production guide was produced by a team of University of Nebraska researchers and Extension faculty, and funded by the Nebraska Soybean Board, Nebraska Corn Board.

Soybean Research Information Network

Check out research highlights from Nebraska and across the U.S.

The Soybean Research & Information Network (SRIN) is a network of researchers and organizations that are working together to improve the soybean crop through research, development and information sharing. SRIN provides a variety of educational resources to researchers and other stakeholders, including information on soybean research funding opportunities, soybean research news and updates, and a database of soybean research projects.


Optimize your irrigation today

Optimize your irrigation. SoyWater is a web-based decision-making tool for optimizing irrigation efficiency and energy use. This tool asks users a few, simple questions about the field to be irrigated. Then it provides daily estimates of crop water use and soil water status. SoyWater was developed using Nebraska Soybean Checkoff dollars. It can aid producers in scheduling irrigation and minimize the amount of water needed for crop production.

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